Interactive prototype usage

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Any project starts with clarifying requirements. Technical requirements are in specification, but what about visual project part?

The best way is to make an interactive prototype. This is visual representation of a mobile application. It allows to look through all the future app screens before and click them to test without programming start. You can make prototype using special programs, for example, Figma or Marvel. These services allow to launch a prototype and observe the future app functionality.

Interactive prototype helps to assess if the interface comfortable for user. You can look through main ways of product usage to understand, in practice, what can prevent the user’s target activities and fix it.

With prototype you can check if all the functions are considered. For example, if there are sales you can check how it’s easy to buy something. How clearly you can see the “Buy” button.

With prototype you can assess project terms and budget. It allows to understand how it’s difficult to implement the app interface.

Also prototype can be shown potential users and investors. You can gather feedback and first reviews to correct the project before development. Investors can make a decision about investing in your project. So the prototype can be used for project purposes before the actual development.

How the Interactive prototype looks like

For the first step some outlines on the paper could be done to make it easier for designers to develop an interactive prototype. It allows to determine the interface general concept:

Interactive prototype can be developed with design as well as without. Without design you can see product usage algorithm. And with design you also can assess and find out visual cases for you product.

Example of non designed prototype:

It’s important to understand that non designed prototype can’t be taken as final product, it can be not conformed to your thoughts about design. Pay attention to functionality and activities’ algorithm. Design development you’ll get on the next stage when it’ll be confirmed.

Interactive prototype with design:

Interactive prototype with design will be mostly match to the final development result. Some functions can be not activated but screens will look like actual application.

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